The SecretTo Unlocking The Deeply Rooted King Or Queen Within You Is Avoiding These 23 Traits, Rituals and Behaviors.

Photo by  Jack Cain  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jack Cain on Unsplash

We all have a dormant power within us just waiting to be unlocked.

Some of us have already found that power- many of us have not.

Today we live in a world crowded with "white noise." There are so many things that can distract us from living a purposeful.

There is the media telling us "what to do, what to think and what to feel" (thank you, Charlie Chaplin). There are our loved ones, who for compassionate reasons, are telling us how life should be lived. There are friends, colleagues and acquaintances who pull us in "their" direction and look for us to help them along "their" paths.

It seems at times there is no way out of this trap.

There are key things that need to be shunned in order to fully optimize your existence.

Some of the traits, rituals and behaviors are deeply rooted, fundamental practices that can drastically pull you out from the gallows of existence and onward to prosperity.

Some, are rather shallow and don't take as much effort to expel.

Either way, the expulsion of such can help unlock doors in your life you never thought were imaginable.

1. That new pair of Yeezy’s.

Or any fashion trend that you need to put on credit and chase only for a fleeting sense of confidence.

2. Fitting in.

There are 7 billion people on the Earth. So what if there are some people you don’t mesh with, chances are you’ll find a great group of friends.

3. Chasing the dollar.

Find your muse and follow it. You’ll get rich by providing value to others, not chasing the dollar.

4. Trying to hold onto a loved one when they’ve moved on.

I’ve been there. You feel chasing them will keep them, it just pushes them away. If you truly love them, you’ll let them go.

5. The “perfect” body.

Since the moment we’re born we are shelled with unattainable body images. Find the body that makes you feel good and that’s optimally healthy.

6. Adopting the next best diet.

Diets are specifically designed to help you fail. It’s not worth the effort. Eat food from the Earth and Animal based foods.

7. Looking for the “perfect 10” romantic partner.

This goes for both sexes. What do you do when you put your partner on a pedestal? You lose a bit of yourself. Find someone who you find to be beautiful and who complements you well.

8. Trying to read and interpret “Beyond Good and Evil.”

A legendary book by Friedrich Nietzsche. I couldn’t even get past the first page. (Totally kidding here- if you can read it, good on you!)

9. Inflating the truth of your stories.

The truth will always catch up with you. Who are you trying to impress anyway? A house of cards eventually falls.

10. Subjecting your reason to the whims of others.

Stop being a sheep. Speaking up may feel super uncomfortable. Disagreeing may be something that supplants your freedom someday.

11. Avoiding the truth.

If something is bothering you, it’s probably something that won’t go away. Look at the demon you carry head on and slay it.

12. Changing someone’s mind.

Of course engage in thoughtful discussion and discourse. Attempting to change someone’s mind for the sake of it is futile. They’ll change (if applicable) when ready.

13. Holding grudges.

Holding onto resentment keeps you in the past. In order to have a future, you must give up the past. Let it go.

14. Assisting ungrateful people.

They are parasites. These people will take every inch you give them and offer nothing in return. You will end up drained and empty.

15. Improper use of social media.

It should be used as a tool- not a life wasting device. Either be proactive with it, or only use it on the shitter.

16. Partaking in Twitter wars.

Let it rest. It’s amazing how people feel safe behind a computer screen but when it comes to in person discourse they are no where to be found.

17. Wishing you were somewhere else, someone else etc.

You’re stuck in the reality you were dealt. Play the game with the cards in your hands. You’re not getting a re-deal.

18. Pushing through life with little to no sleep.

It will catch up with you. You can only go so far and so long before you burn out.

19. Falling for the whims and advice of others.

Turn on your brain. Use your own light to guide you. When you need help ask. Don’t always take unwarranted advice.

20. Reading all the self-help books ad infinitum.

Of course educate yourself and expand your mind. At a certain point, however, you are going to need to get out there and get shit done.

21. Watching all the self-help videos ad infinitum.

See above.

22. Chasing pharmaceuticals to remedy your ailments.

At a certain point, the shaky bridge collapses under itself. You are putting bandaids over potential scars. It’s reactive rather than proactive.

23. ***Chasing Perfection***

Perfect doesn’t exist. You will never achieve it. Instead, perhaps chase your “ideal self.” Chase your future self and what you reasonably hope to achieve.