Treat Yourself Well and the Rest Will be Swell.

Humans need one another.   

If you don’t take care of yourself properly though, you’ll poison your relationships with others and toxify the very air you need to survive.

We are undeniably social creatures, so it’s of the utmost importance to be the type of person others can stand to be around.  Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a little alone time, but then Friday night rolls around and you start to look at your phone every five seconds hoping for a call or text that may never come.  Then, as you sit unaccompanied, you start to wonder when and how it all went wrong.

But when you find yourself at odds with other people, maybe your partner broke it off with you, maybe the relationship with your parents is less than satisfying, or you’ve become distant from your friends, it’s helpful to take a stern look in the mirror, stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out, and remind yourself of what a miracle life truly is.  

Assess Your Being.

Put things in perspective.  If you’re at odds with others you’re at odds with yourself.

But things are never as bad as they seem. After all you’re a walking, talking collection of organic molecules, calcium and water living the sweet life in the 21st Century.  You could have been born pre-Netflix, but you weren’t, and now you have every episode of The Office at your fingertips.

Your body and mind are the most important tools you have, treat yourself right, be honest and stay positive at whatever cost.   

Why I Say What I Say.

This may sound like mere Instagram philosophy, maybe you’d find the same advice in a photo caption of a guy doing bicep curls in a backwards hat.  But I’m only saying this because that same advice has worked wonders for me when put into action, and these realizations have helped me to identify the importance of self-love and self-actualization.

For me, it all boiled down to not taking care of my own mental and physical well-being.  I cannot stress the importance of diet, exercise and self-centering practices like mediation, reading and hiking.  

I’m an American male in my late-twenties who has yet to find his desired career path.  That can lead to a particularly angry and confused way of life that won’t make you very desirable to be around.  Find a healthy way to distress, you owe it to yourself and others.  

My twenties have been spent wandering in the desert so to speak. Recently, I’ve found myself alone in a big city, crammed into a studio apartment, and unfortunately newly single without much of a plan for where I’m headed next.  And that’s been the very problem … I’ve not had a plan!  

You owe it yourself to have a plan, maybe it’s not as easy as it sounds, but then again it just may be.

Work More, Talk Less.

You’re aspirations are just dreams until to you write them down, then they become a goal.  Rather or not one realizes it at first, not having goals and motivation in life leads to a type of self-loathing I know all too well.  

Next thing you know people become resentful of you, you’re apathetic, unhappy and a bummer to be around.  You’re words seldom become actions and you spend your nights alone in a YouTube black hole of fail compilations and Waffle House fight videos.

Get Active, Be Nice.

Put yourself at the top of your to do the list.  

Get out of the Lazy Boy and be the best Earthling you can be and the rest will fall in line.  It’s began to work for me, and even though I’m still in a bit of an adverse situation in my life, I have a plan, I’m energetic and I don’t feel stuck anymore.

But there’s a difference between loving yourself and being selfish though. And I find that simply doing unto others as you would want done unto you is the best way to accomplish that; it’s your gas mask against toxic relationships with yourself and others, it’s the best way to treat yourself well so the rest can be swell.

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