33 Compelling Article Ideas For Both Veteran & Beginner Bloggers

 Photo by  Vale Zmeykov

Photo by Vale Zmeykov

Even if you've been blogging for 5 years or 5 days, sometimes coming up with unique and compelling article ideas can seem harder than figuring out how to reach technological singularity with artificial intelligence.

Perhaps I'm being too hyperbolic…

Regardless, writer's block or in this case, blogger's block plagues us all. It can seem like you're riding the creative wave for months, banging out killer articles with ease.

Other times…

You're left sitting at your laptop only to have the blinking cursor mock you with its constant, predictable appear/disappear trick over and over.

No matter what you're writing about, you know that content generation is the life-blood of maintaining your blog. You also know what kind of value your blogging can bring to your life — mainly how it can transform your life financially and bring forth genuine and true meaning and purpose.

In this post, I’ve laid out 60 blog post ideas to help you liven up your content generation for your blog. Most of these ideas also have examples of blog posts from other companies or entrepreneurs to give you some inspiration for your blog.

1. Write about current trends

People love to learn about the newest and greatest trends going around. Heck, in today's marketplace, it seems like there is a new trend being introduced on a daily basis.

A great niche that can utilize this is both the fashion niche — what different styles are being talked about and purchased in the current climate? As well as the technology sector — what current technological trends are being introduced?

2. Report current news in your niche

 Photo by  NeONBRAND

Photo by NeONBRAND

Depending on your niche, there could be breaking news that can be spread and reported on. Considering you have a loyal following, you can be one of, if not the first, person reporting on a new advancement or setback that is enhancing/plaguing your niche.

Think about if you can garner the news from your social feed and provide that news to your following before anyone else.

3. Post a case study

A case study is a fantastic way of illustrating to your audience that "they can do it too."

Hell, so much of the discipline I've built with my own writing has been perpetuated by the inspiration that I've garnered over the years with seeing people just like me do what I've done (before I did it).

Another great facet of this approach is that the work is pretty much already done for you — the narrative and results are there, you just need to put them into your own words with your own flare.

4. Interview an expert

Sometimes you just need a little "oomph" with your piece. You can do this by having an expert on the subject in question help fortify the piece. This is done by interviewing that person.

Many of you might be thinking,

"Jon, how the f*ck am I to find an expert? They don't just fall out of thin air."

Well, they do kinda fall out of thin air — thanks to modern technology.

Check out HARO (Help A Reporter Out) when looking for an expert to interview. Just submit what you're looking for and get a killer expert in return. Win/win.

5. Showcase a new feature

Any blogger that is working within the niche that contains products — this has the potential to be your bread and butter. I know photography bloggers who are also showcasing features of the newest cameras and photography techniques.

With this you are really helping out the higher-level readers of your content.

6. Point out common mistakes

People love pointing out mistakes.

Have you ever taken a look at a restaurant's Yelp! page? After years working in a restaurant, I know I've read my fair share. Some of the most read and compelling reviews are negative — In fact, the click-through rate for negative superlatives in your headline is 63% higher than headlines that use positive superlatives.

Don't over saturate your articles with waves of negativity. Just take the "contrarian" viewpoint when applicable.

7. Write a "how-to" post

One of the most popular types of blog posts is a how-to. Why? Because people search online for answers to their problems. And a how-to post can provide those answers.

If you the slightest bit seasoned in blogging, you understand you need to be writing for a popular niche. Within that niche, your readers are looking for value. "How to" is the surest way of illustrating that value.

8. Reports about your blog/website

Have you built up enough clout that you've had people refer to your blog or content?

Just recently, I had my blog featured on someone else's:

The Best Free Resources to Improve your Blogging
I am determined to become better at blogging, without spending anything. I saw a course today for mastering Medium…samharnold.com

If any new readers need some credibility of who you are and what you bring, show them that someone else has already found value in what you do! (Don't be afraid to brag a little…)

9. Do a weekly roundup of relevant news

 Photo by  Branden Harvey

Similar to the point above about reporting on relevant news, this is an opportunity for you to batch whatever is going on in your niche and release the news in a weekly blog (or even better — weekly newsletter so it's directly sent via email).

10. Highlight customer stories

If you're at a higher level of blogging (turning a financial return) a great way to promote your blog's products/services is to highlight how it's helped people in the past.

Again, the work is already done for you (narrative created) you just need to flesh out the finer details.

11. Give a history lesson on your niche

Understanding the past is a great way in helping us understand the future.

Sometimes you can give your readers a rich history lesson of how we got to where we are today.

What were some of the first photography bloggers doing 10 years ago?

What was the fitness niche comprised of in the early years?

12. Host a quiz

Hosting a quiz is a fun way to get people engaged with your content. It doesn't need to be the most in depth quiz either (I know I've been out of formal education for too long to actually look forward to a "hard" quiz).

There are many plugins and tools to help integrate a quiz into your blog (a simple Google search will help with your specific site host).

13. List things to avoid

A great blog helps readers with their problems and challenges. They understand their target niche has additional desires and problems that their content may not help.

But, that’s okay, because if you can help your audience, they will forever be grateful and much more likely to become brand ambassadors.

14. Run a survey and list the results

This is a great experiment that I'm going to work with in the near future. It's something that exemplifies transparency (transparency helps build trust which helps build a loyal following).

Once you start to build an email list, you can prompt your following with a poll and see where they all send.

Wouldn't it be cool if the results are different than your hypothesis?!

15. Answer frequently asked questions

 Photo by  Camylla Battani

Again, after getting some traction with your blog or Medium page, you might start to get emails filled with questions from your readers.

Heck, you've established yourself as the go-to for your niche.

Instead of answering the questions on a one-off basis, why not create an article (or even website page) full of the answers?

16. Do a “day in the life” Post

I don't know about you — but I LOVE reading about the people who are writing about their rock climbing excursions or their experiences being a "tourist" in North Korea.

I can never casually pass the article — I need to read about their experience.

Are you living a life that you think might be compelling to your readers?

Try it out! See if you get some cool feedback.

17. Offer tutorials or step-by-step guides

If you're selling products or services, this kind of piece can be great.

What if there's more to the product that is plainly evident? Share it with your readers.

If you're reviewing a product of someone else, what "easter eggs" or hidden gems can you uncover and put it into a step-by-step guide?

18. Write about an update or past problem

I'm continuously writing about improvements and new discoveries I've uncovered in this messy blogging game.

It's so much fun.

Sometimes writing content is all conceptual and sometimes theory. Being the reporter and acknowledging where you were wrong a few months ago and how you've corrected it is awesome and can be very compelling for your readers.

19. Spotlight key people in your niche

 Give  credit  and link to their site

Give credit and link to their site

In our interconnected world, there will always be competing people ahead of you and competing people behind you. Use that to your advantage.

Let your readers know that the "other people" in your niche don't phase you — in fact, you know that they can bring some value to the table that maybe you cannot.

20. Create a roundup for the year (or month etc)

What have been the "best of the best" in terms of what's going on in your niche?

Take all of these data points and put them into a comprehensive post to help bring value to your audience.

21. Talk about stats in your niche that relate to your audience

For instance, back in May, regardless of what niche you were writing about GDPR affected everyone.

If you were keen on this new EU legislation, how could you condense it through the lens of your niche and relay that information to your audience?

22. Run an experiment that’s relevant to your niche

Sometimes you have to be the "guinea pig" for your readers.

Perhaps there have been some new advancements that are shaking up the scene — be the first to adapt to the new frontier and relay your findings to your audience.

Many fashion bloggers are the creators and the models too!

23. Give away a freebie

 When you can be  generous  — be generous

When you can be generous — be generous

Sometimes you need to call for the shameless plug.

If all else fails — your piece can be a free giveaway. This avenue is great to syndicate if you have a influential social outlet as well.

24. Create a post about myths in your niche

Be the myth buster!

For instance, I know so many people promote "get rich quick" schemes when it comes to blogging. If you've read any other of my posts in the success I've helped people get with their blogging or any of the success I've achieved on my own — you know that I preach that there is no way to start making money quick in this game.

25. Show how you failed

Being transparent online can be a challenge for a lot of people.

But the thing is, when you show a vulnerable side of yourself people will remember you and believe you more than if you painted a rosy picture of your journey.

I know I got caught up in the "popularity game" and needed to confess about it:

The Blatant Signs You're Falling For the Same "Online Popularity Contest" I Fell For With Content…
I've been an online content writer for over a year now.medium.com

26. Feature a success story

Show off how great your product or service is by sharing a success story from one of your readers and customers.

This can help your readers understand your product and see how transformative it can be.

I know Greg O'Gallagher is great at doing this with his mission.

27. Write an open letter to your audience

 Photo by  Neel

Photo by Neel

You see this all the time on Medium and various blogs.


Because it works!

Again, I cannot stress this enough — in a world of doctored photos and "perfect lives" on social media; intimacy and honesty is received 10X over because it's so rare. Tap into this opportunity.

28. Rant about it

Tom Kuegler is a master at doing this.

Bravo by the way.

Whenever something comes up with the changes in Medium I look to Tom for advice and strategy.

While he's more informative with all of the changes, sometimes there's a hint of rant in their (for real or for comedic purposes)

29. Create a content locked blog post

Again, Medium is your friend here if you don't have other means of creating "members only" posts on your site.

If you have posted 100 articles that are free to the public, create some buzz by making a post "member only" on Medium (and hopefully get paid for it!)

30. Create a list post of just stats

Sometimes you need to get down to the nitty-gritty of things.

Are there resources out there that you can simply source and draw up an article using them?

I would put money on it.

31. Do a video blog post

Gary Vaynerchuk is the GOAT when it comes to this.

It's something that I'm going to get into really soon — to incorporate this medium of media into my writing.

When people see you and your intricacies and personality, it helps build loyalty and trust.

32. Create a cheat sheet

It's something that I've used for over a year.

Get straight to the point. Illustrate to your audience that you have a "short cut" to getting from point A to point B. Everyone loves a good short cut.

33. Dive deep and tell a story

Pick a topic and tell a story about it, but dive deep. Tell it from the beginning and lead up to the present.

My most successful post to-date has been a personal story regarding my journey with writing and blogging (people dig personal stories):

How Writing Everyday For The Past Year Drastically Changed My Life
Unlikely lessons I learned in finding success with writing so you don’t have to.writingcooperative.com

There you have it — 33 different ideas to create compelling content for your blogging career.

Look forward to this piece being updated in the future (for there will be more methods that come).

It’s worth mentioning that you should always vary the types of blog posts that you publish.

Creating the actual article is only the first step — if you need more guidance on how to develop a strategy to building influence and turning a financial income with your blogging, take a look here.

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