Top 7 Tips for Building a Blog and Turning It Into a Business

 Photo by  Tyler Nix

Photo by Tyler Nix

Now, more than ever, the sound of being a money-making blogger is second to none. Think about it: you are able to write about what interests you, you make money from doing that and you create your own hours.

If that isn't the dream, I don't know what is…

It's so easy to get started in this blogging game. All you need is a laptop, access to the internet, a working mind and a way to transcribe your thoughts into a document (hell, everyone doesn't have the luxury of working appendages…).

I remember when I started. After a cataclysmic event altered the course of my life, I decided to take up the craft.

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All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I just began writing.

  • I wrote about what I was thinking about.

  • I wrote about what I was reading.

  • I wrote about the changes in the world I wanted to see

  • Hell, I even wrote about the French cidre I was drinking

  Cheers …

But that was the problem…

I was writing about what I thought was the right thing to write about. I was writing about my interests alone. I was essentially writing in a vacuum. 

The truth is 99% of all bloggers starting out make this mistake.

They think that their words are incarnate. They subscribe to the fallacy of, "if you build it, they will come." Just because you say it is so — doesn't mean that it is.

To be a successful blogger that spreads his or her knowledge to the masses and also turns a profit doing so take meticulous strategy and resourcefulness. Here's a look into the optimal strategies the most successful bloggers in the business are adopting.

First, Understand the Difficulties

 Photo by  Alora Griffiths

It’s important to understand that it’s very unlikely to take off overnight. Unless you already have a large and burgeoning audience, it will take time to grow your readership and build your blog into a business. 

It’s important to know, before you ever begin, that blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme, meaning you will need to be more realistic about the returns and the time you will need to dedicate to it. If you are willing to put effort into your blog, you will more likely see it become a success over time.

In the ebook that I sell "THE VIRAL WRITING PLAYBOOK: Your Unfair Advantage To Building An Audience, Perfecting Your Brand, And Building a Financial Income" illustrates how I went from an influence of zero viewership to over 2.5 million views in a matter of months. 

It is of course appetizing and exciting. However, I stress heavily how the undertaking isn't for the faint hearted. Growing your influence to the masses takes dedication day in and day out before you actually begin to make a dent in the internet.

Second, be an ambassador to a specific niche

As I alluded to above, just because you begin to write, doesn't mean anything will come of it. 

Sure, you might have your blog and whenever you post an article you also broadcast the post on your social media outlets. 

Your Godmother gives you a like and so does your former crush from high school (if only things had worked out differently…). Other than that, however, what are you really getting?


If you are still writing about what you think is compelling and interesting, you are probably going to peak after only a month or two.

You're all over the place.

You need to stick to a lane and become a niche ambassador. You need to be the beacon people look towards for very specific and valuable information.

This brings me to my next point…

Third, pick a niche that is both popular and profitable

You have to focus on where everyone is looking

What if you've narrowed your focus and you still aren't getting any traction?

It's probably because you are going down the wrong path…

Maybe there are a handful of people in the world that are unbelievably passionate about growing and fostering bonsai tree gardens.

Do you really think that niche is popular enough to gain traction and has enough eyeballs and value-added ammunition to make people open their wallets?

Spoiler alert: the answer is a resounding "no"…

People are really only interested in things that can bring value to them and things they are interested in. That's really it.

For you, you are going to need to blend your interests with the proven interests that people are looking for across the web.

If you don't know where to look, there are incredible resources already out there. One of my favorites is from

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Take a look at this resource I've provided. The intensive and thorough research conducted in this list is extremely valuable to those who understand how to use it. 

Perhaps you're a workout-junkie that can help bring people value-added content about how to transform their physique.

Fourth, borrow ideas from the bloggers that are already "making it happen"

It’s a mistake to see other blogs in your subject area as competition — just because another blogger in your field is successful and making money doesn’t mean there’s less out there for you. 

The business of blogging isn’t a zero-sum game. 

It can be incredibly helpful to build relationships with other bloggers and create your own little community. Writing for each other’s blogs and linking to one another is not only a great way to help build your audience but will also help boost your search engine rankings.

If you don't have yet the "clout" to gain the attention of the world's greatest bloggers, simply borrow what they are doing to your advantage.

  • Research the headlines that leading bloggers in your niche are writing. Did the headline grab your attention? It probably worked on other readers too.

  • Research the style of the top writers in your niche. Is the style completely informatory or does it have some pizzaz and funk to it? 

  • Research the other types of media that is being added to the articles. Are the top bloggers using embedded video content? Are they including podcasts?

***IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am unequivocally not encouraging plagiarism. Plagiarism has no place in our game. Take the overarching ideas and make them your own. You can add your spice to the theme.

Fifth, make sure you are building an email list

An audience is fickle. 

I'm sorry to say it to all of my loyal readers but it's the truth. One day, a writer might be the best thing since sliced bread and then the next day they are forgotten due to the "new kid on the block."

It's important to get your readers' emails — that way you can communicate with them whenever and however you'd like. I'm not going to go into full detail how this is done with this article. Below is a lengthy article that strategizes this facet of blogging:

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It's important to understand that a reader handing over their email in exchange for an opt-in offer is a privilege. If you abuse this privilege, you will see an unsubscribe rate that will make you shit your pants.

Also, now that you have this direct access of communication to your readers, you shouldn't use the email marketing channel as a strict "sales pitch." Sure, this is one of the top ways you are going to promote your products and services, however, it should also be a channel for fostering communication and trust. 

People buy from people they trust, first and foremost.

Sixth, become an affiliate and sell your own products

A quicker and easier way to make money with your blog is to include affiliate links. 

Affiliate marketing works by placing links to the sites of brand partners — companies you’ve chosen to work with; these links are tracked so that you will receive a percentage of any purchase made by someone clicking your link. 

Alternatively, why not start selling your own products alongside your blog? Many blog platforms allow you to add shop and payment plugins. You could sell your own merchandise or even your own products and bring in another revenue stream. 

Again, this article is to view these strategies from 30,000 feet. If you want to dive into the specifics of idea inception of product into sale, check out the below article:

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Seventh, the most important — Have fun!

 Photo by  Adam Whitlock

Photo by Adam Whitlock

Once you go from amateur blogger to professional the extraneous intricacies and strategies can tend to bog you down.

It's always important at times to take a step back and understand why you got involved in this game to begin with. 

While you want to make money and become "internet famous" know that you started doing this to spread positive ideas. Now, you just have some direction behind spreading those ideas.

If at times it feels like you've been traveling down a dead-end path, try something new out. Maybe use a different voice or try a new form of media.

Stick to the journey, however. Again — blogging is a long and tough journey at times. You probably won't see any type of monetary return for at least the first year. 

That shouldn't discourage you, however.

All good things in life are worth the time and sacrifice.

So keep writing friends. Keep spreading the joy, happiness and positivity. 

The world needs it now more than ever. 

👋🏻Hey there — I’m Jon

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