Answer This One Question and Your Work Will Truly Flourish.

You've finally taken your business idea and started actually making it real.

You have demos for your first album that your planning to get mastered.

You've finished your memoir and aim to get it published.


Now comes the hard work. You've really only just begun. You've gotten past one of the hardest parts- starting the work and making it real.


Now, how do you make the work impactful? How do you make sure this work you sacrificed so much for actually impacts and influences people? 

This is why you created this, isn't it?

You're a creative, I get that. You're also a marketer. You're also a CEO.

You need to make optimal business decisions in order to have your work leave a lasting impression on the people who will consume it.

"The Question almost no one asks. Who is this thing for?" -Ryan Holiday

Who did you create this project for? While there may be many answers that satisfy this question there are populations that will gravitate to your work most.

Did you write a book on how ancient Wicca practices can be applied today? If so, you know you have a specific population to aim for.

Did you invent an autonomous robot that can walk your dog while your at work? Great! Know that there is a subset of dog owners that will benefit highest from this invention- busy, overworked, city dwelling, loving dog owners who can't seem to find the time to walk the dogs. themselves.

One of the worst responses you could use to answer the above question is-


You aren't going to purchase the work you put out. I get it. You needed to create this. This startup, this album, this painting, this book kept you awake at night. It is your calling. 

You aren't the one who will be buying. That's a part of the great work we've put in. (Unless of course you're a vagabond artist hippy who currently lives in the mountain country just outside Boulder, Colorado. In that case, how the fuck are you reading this? Tell me all your secrets!)

Answer this question as you put your work out into the world. You are building a community. You are building a following. You are helping a certain type of people.

Once this answer is completely nailed down. You will alienate some people. You will be criticized. 

Yet if you capture your loyal audience. They will pay you back for all the criticism ten fold. They will be your foundation. They are the early adopters. 

They are your tribe.


The ideas presented in this article have been adapted from Ryan Holiday's newest book, Perennial Seller. Find out more and purchase the book here.