Am I Just Too Weird.

Photo Courtesy of:  Arthur Tubman

Photo Courtesy of: Arthur Tubman

What if all I ever wanted was to connect with you

Would you believe

That there really are times

When I don’t have anything particularly wise or witty to say


No current events, no business rants

Not even a clever spin or term of endearment

Just a desire to have you near

Do you think I’m weird


Have we finally arrived at a point in time

When I can call your name

For nothing more than the sheer joy

Of watching you pivot my way


Would it seem too weird if at times like these

I really have no soliloquy

To let you know how you touch my soul

So I don’t say anything at all


I fear the day will soon be here, my dear

When I’ll draw a blank and fail to commandeer

That silky-smooth, charming turn of phrase

You’ve come to anticipate


And even though I know

That some day,  no doubt I’ll look the fool

Would you believe

That every day I am actually gratified by the bitter/sweet need I feel to simply be by you


And when that day finally comes when you’re not near

(But not so far)

And I call your name

For as long and as loud as any pair of lungs can possibly sustain

Can you be with THAT

Or am I just too weird


I truly do, my dear, thank you for bringing delight to me

I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And, that’s it

That’s all I’ve really got to say

Can you love me eternally

Or am I just too weird



Bruce D Graham © July 13, 2006

Written for the moment when the Cecilia of my dreams actually fell into my arms…