Why Monday Motivation is Bullsh*t

Monday Motivation is bullshit.

I can't stand when people claim Monday is going to be a day they conquer. I'm annoyed when I hear Monday is going to help set the stage for the rest of the week. I hate seeing a catchy social media meme that claims Monday is the day all the battles are won. Putting all of your energy into conquering Monday, going full speed and carrying that motivation through the week isn't sustainable. How long do your incredible energy levels last, until 2pm that same day? Perhaps.

When has going "full speed" ever worked in sustaining productive levels?

If you were to go full speed with food, you are going to become fat and sick.

If you were to go full speed with working out and exercise you stand a big chance at an injury that can sideline you for the foreseeable future.

If you were to go full speed with drugs and alcohol you are surely going to find yourself begging for change, arguing with the "people" you share your Downtown Detroit city block with, clawing by and begging for your next hit of bath salts (okay, that one might be dramatized a bit, however, you get my point).  

I'm not saying working hard and maintaining high levels of energy is a bad thing. Hell, I ride waves all the time and I try and keep my levels at maintainable heights everyday. That's the key though. One needs to maintain their levels to propel them day in and day out. We're playing the long game here. Putting all of your chips into this Monday Motivation will not work. I don't buy it. You will go bust by Tuesday morning.

How was Muhammad Ali able to Beat George Foreman? He let Foreman exhaust all of his energy early which allowed for Ali and his rope-a-dope approach to finish him in the long game.