Why Learning To Say "F*ck It" is a Good Thing

Learn to say, "Fuck it."

It's a necessary attitude to create and do things and life that are worth while. Whether you say it in your head or out loud, say it.

So many things in life require the decision making mechanism in your gut to carry over rather than rational thought. Of course I'm referring to decisions that can make a profound impact. 

Think about when you ask a girl out. Do you spend hours at your desk thinking rationally about this girl? Do you go over what the logical steps of courtship look like? No. You think wow, this girl is beautiful and I would like to get to know her. Fuck it, i'll ask her out.

If you've ever applied for a job that you were unqualified for, you said fuck it. If you were to rationalize applying for a job that you didn't objectively satisfy the requirements, there would be no hope. Yet, there are many people that over reach and achieve what they set out for.

Do you think that our Founding Fathers looked down the pipeline of pros and cons in establishing the greatest country in modern day history when they signed the Declaration of Independence?


But you better bet your ass there was a great deal of fuck it when John Hancock slapped his paw print front and center on that hallowed piece of parchment. Failure would result in his death and the death of many others.

What's been one thing on your mind that you've been putting off doing? Something that's been keeping you awake an extra 15 minutes at night? It could be signing up at a gym. It could be asking that boy or girl out. It could be annexing your apartment from the city you reside and claiming independence in the name of freedom (though I do not condone nor encourage any such act). 

Next time you have something waning back and forth in your head, listen to your gut and say, fuck it!