Guy Ritchie's Philosophy on Owning The Suit

The world can be a confusing place. Internal and external factors are always narrating your daily experience. We're always looking for cues to tell us who we are in this world. We only live our experience. We live a narrative that is [fill in your name here].

For some, this is a life long struggle. People spend their entire lives trying to figure out who in fact they are on this tiny blue dot in the night sky we call, Earth. 

Guy Ritchie recently shared a bit of his philosophy on owning the suit. He illustrates how in this world of figuring out who you are and how you can construct your own narrative drawing parallels in how you own your suit. What kinds of messages with the suit do you want to convey? How tailored and put together do you want your suit? What colors reflect your personality? What details do you want to convey to others? Of course this also translates to what you are telling yourself with the suit. 

Ritchie goes on to further extrapolate more on the idea of creating a narrative in life. The video below offers further insight into Ritchie's ideas: