Recommended Read: Modern Romance

"In a sense we are all like a Flo Rida song: The more time you spend with us, the more you see how special we are. Social scientists refer to this as the Flo Rida Theory of Acquired Likability Through Repetition."

Modern Romance, written by comedian and actor Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg, sociologist and scholar of urban studies, culture and media, takes the reader through the vast and sometimes confusing landscape of, as the book is so elegantly titled, Modern Romance. 

Today's dating scene can be both exciting and overwhelming. With the advancements of technology that allow an individual to see what the dating pool is like where ever they are located geographically to people dating and "settling down" at older ages, the set scene to find love has changed drastically from what our parents and grandparents experienced (I know you've always wanted to visualize how Gramps courted Grammy in her prime as a fiery vixen). 

Using his wit and genuine curiosity on the subject, Ansari teamed up with research scientist Klinenberg to objectively measure and map how these changes impact your life and offer up ways to approach these dramatic changes. Ansari uses many anecdotal references to complement the facts and figures presented throughout the text. His comedic roots can be seen over and over again that help ease at times lengthy scientific rigmorale. 

If you are single and in your twenties to thirties you should read this book. Plain and simple. You'll get a good laugh or two and possibly some valuable insight. 

Link to purchasing the book can be found here