Creative Confidential

Cooking is a metaphor for life in a number of ways. We can look to people who have made dishes before and follow their steps. You can replicate the successes of others and use their expertise as a safety net.


You can also experiment and create your own dishes. You can go and buy ingredients you think might go well together, cook those ingredients and be at the mercy of what you've created.


You cannot be afraid to fail if you take the latter route. 


 In life, often times we are told to follow a prescribed script. We are given instructions on how to live and what to do to be successful. We are told by experts that if we go to this school and take this job then we will have a life of success similar to theirs. 


If we choose not to follow said script and we want to forge our own path we need to experiment to get by. In being entrepreneurial and creative you need to take the information and skills you stumble upon and put them to use to produce work.


You cannot be afraid to fail if you take the latter.