Recommended Read: The War of Art

Steven Pressfield, probably most well known for authoring The Legend of Bagger Vance that was later turned into a Hollywood movie starring Will Smith, brings you into his daily rituals on creating work.

Pressfield postulates that resistance, an energy present in one's mind whenever they get down to produce work- whether entrepreneurial, writing, composing music etc, is the biggest hurdle humans have in following the creative pursuits that beckon in the back of all our heads- our calling. In the book, Pressfield believes that everyone is a creative vessel and that we long for an escape of the human condition, the pain and struggle on finding meaning in our lives. He believes there are many ways we can escape this condition: sex and being lost in that ecstasy, drugs and alcohol, and he also believes that getting lost in creative endeavors is another way to temporarily pause the pain. He feels the latter is the most pure and most desired. It is also the most challenging to achieve. 

Every single day we are met with this sensation of resistance. We tell ourselves that we are going to put this thing we need to work on until tomorrow. The kicker is tomorrow will never come. If we don't look the demon in the eyes and get to work, we will never complete the work we were made to do. 

After defining it, Pressfield offers insight into his own daily rituals in fighting off resistance. He offers up a "showing up everyday" approach in an attempt to create habits that help combat resistance. 

A highly recommended read if you have found yourself looking inward and need perspective from someone who has defined and laid a blueprint on how to overcome your own internal obstacles.

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