Invest in Wellness

"Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source."
- Warren Buffett

They say that to truly be financially successful, one cannot rely on one source of income. You need multiple streams to ascend the financial ladder.

This idea holds true in wellness and health too. One cannot become reliant on one thing creating a fulfilling daily existence. You cannot think your significant other alone will bring you the joy you deserve. You cannot trust that your ideal job will help your desired state of contentment. One needs multiple streams of wellness to help them stay on track in the daily grind. 

We need daily mental reminders to keep us on track throughout the day: exercise, eating healthy, meditation, ending your showers cold, a job that keeps you motivated, a partner that lifts you up and challenges you. Relying on just one source of fulfillment only leads to a failed promise.

The human condition leads to many pitfalls. We find it so easy and comforting to fall into routine and monotony. Setting up multiple streams of wellness throughout the day keep you on point and help challenge you. No one likes to take a cold shower. It usually brings a bit of discomfort. Looking at that moment of time and claiming, "fuck it" and turning the dial cold acts as a reflection for how you will deal with little uncomfortable tasks throughout the day. 

One will never get rich on one stream of wellness alone. Make sure you invest in yourself and provide yourself with a tool belt to overcome the daily grind.