Dare to Care.

She remarked, “You’re so blunt, you hurt people's feelings

Don't you hate yourself?"


Taken aback I paused and wondered …

Do I hate myself???

I trust I don't … though ultimately, I might be the only one to walk with me ...

I listen, learn... and then cajole
A hidden word from each poor soul
Of secret thought ... unspoken deed

Come and share this path with me

Do I like you????

I don’t know …

Should I want to?

Should you go?

Who are we to each other?

Friend? … Or foe?

Sister? … Brother?


And if indeed we might be members of one family…

Is there any meaning there?




And I am none

And you, my friend

YOU are just the same


Deep within this MYSTERY


WE are all there is

If you dare … indeed I care …

Come and share this path with me





Bruce D Graham © July 1993

Written after giving some thought to a rebuke from my ex-wife after she overheard me coaching a person who had requested my coaching.